We treated late Alexander Monson for drug overdose, Nurse tells court

A file photo of the late 28 year old Alexander Monson. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: A nurse who was on duty at the Diani beach hospital when British Aristocrat  Nicholas Monson’s late son Alexander Monson was brought in has told the court that the deceased was treated for a drug overdose at their facility.

Nurse Emmanuel Shadrack Bondora who testified on Thursday during the hearing at the Mombasa law courts told the court that his colleagues picked up the deceased from Diani Police station using the hospital ambulance.

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“At around 11 am my colleague a nurse aider by name Saumu Hamisi informed me that he was going to pick up a patient from Diani police station with the hospital’s ambulance with the driver”.  He said.

Shadrack explained that the deceased was brought in unconscious and was sweating heavily and while examining him he did not notice any physical injury.

“Immediately I started resuscitation treatment and almost immediately doctor David Maundu, who was on duty joined me and examined the patient. He said it was a case of drug overdose then ordered a cardiac monitor and some injection medication; atropine- a drug used to dilate  eye pupils and hydrocortisone-another resuscitating drug.” Shadrack added.

Shadrack added that the deceased was put on Saline drips and as he was attending to the deceased two men who identified themselves as police officers walked in and when he went to get more equipment to attend to the deceased, he found the police officers had already handcuffed the deceased to the hospital bed.

Shadrack said that the deceased’s condition worsened at 4 pm.

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“Then the doctor advised us (nurse and nurse aider) to give cardiac shock so as to help the patient’s heart pump, which we did 3 times before the doctor ordered us to stop. The doctor Mr. Maundu then checked on the patient and told us that he had passed on” Shadrack added.

The hearing of the case started on Tuesday after an inquest that was concluded in June last year linked four police officers to Monson’s death.

The hearing is expected to resume on 24th February.