Film makers using guns required to get clearance from Boinnet


Nairobi, KENYA: Filmakers intending to use guns as props will have to get approval from the inspector general of police Joseph Boinnet.

This is according to the Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

Mutua who was speaking on Friday that would help police avert any risk of criminals hiding in the name of film making.

“The board does not grant such approvals and neither are we obligated under the law to make such recommendations for filmmakers. So all filmmakers intending to use guns have to get police clearance to do so”  Mutua told journalists.

“It is a requirement of the law that the making of any film, particularly for sale, public exhibition or hire in Kenya must be licensed by the Board. Section 4(1) of the Films and stage plays Act Cap 222, states that ‘No film shall be made in Kenya without a film license from the board,”  Mutua added.

It is in this regard that Dr Mutua has appealed to the police and other security agencies to always monitor and scrutinize such activities and apprehend anyone operating without a film license from the board.

In view of the foregoing, the board has initiated a discussion with other security agencies, in particular, the ministry of interior and coordination of National Government to ensure that those found filming without a license from the Board are arrested and prosecuted.

However, the Board said they will continue to collaborate with the Kenya Police Service to ensure that licensed film producers are not harassed while going about their business.

The Board also issued a 14-day notice to all filmmakers whose permits have expired to obtain new licenses or face the law.