Kinango constituency Uwezo fund account frozen

Permanent Secretary for public service, youth and gender affairs Safina Kwekwe addresses Kwale residents at baraza park. She has confirmed that Tana river county has been blacklisted from accessing Uwezo fund due to loan default PHOTO BRIVIAN SIMIYU
 Kwale, KENYA: The Kinango constituency Uwezo fund account in Kwale county has been frozen after the women and youth groups from the area defaulted on loans they borrowed.

The Permanent Secretary for public service, youth and gender affairs Safina Kwekwe confirmed that the groups failed to repay their loan which led to their accounts been frozen.

“Kinango sub-county will not receive Uwezo fund or Youth Enterprise fund because they did not apply for the loan. We have also frozen the Kinango constituency account because their payment which stands at 50% is very low,” she said.

Safina who was speaking on Thursday at Kwale Baraza park during the disbursement of loan cheques to women and youth groups in Kwale county expressed concern over the low number of people seeking for the government loans in the county.

She called upon the Kwale residents to make use of the opportunity they have to apply for the revolving fund from the government which they can use to initiate their own profitable and income generating development projects.

“The situation in Kwale county is different because people apply for loans they never repay thus making it difficult for them to graduate to a higher amount of loan. We need to change our ways of doing things and focus at making use of these government funds to better our lives,” she said.

She further urged the Kwale people not to hesitate to apply for the loans as well as honor its repayment to enable them to qualify for higher loans which they can use to make huge investments and improve their living standards.

A total of sh. 12.8 million was distributed to the Kwale women and youth groups where sh.3.2 million was issued to women groups from the women enterprise fund and sh.9.6 million given to youths from the youth enterprise fund.