Attack at Dusit a suspected terror attack, Boinnet

Vehicles on fire outside the Dusit D2 complex in Nairobi PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:The attack at the Dusit D2 hotel complex is a suspected terror attack according to the inspector general of police Joseph Boinnet.

Speaking to journalists in a televised briefing, Boinnet said that several people had been injured though he could not confirm the number.

“ We regret today at around 3.00 in the afternoon a group of unknown armed assailants attacked the Dusit complex in what we suspect could be a terror attack” Boinnet said.

Boinnet added that operations to rescue more survivors were still ongoing were.

“ We are aware that there still could be armed criminals holed up in the building  and our special forces are inside the building trying to flush them out” Boinnet added.

The attack comes just a day after a court in Nairobi put on defense three suspects accused of attacking the Westgate Shopping mall .

Hussein Mustafa,Ahmed Abdi and Liban Omar were put on defence while a fourth  accused Adan Dheq was acquitted over lack of evidence.