Mombasa leading in late night trips in Africa

Mapembeni area in Mombasa County. County staff have been given until December 31st to declare their wealth./COURTESY

Seems like Mombasa residents really like going out at night.

According to Uber statistics, the most late night trips in Africa last year were made in Mombasa.

The Uber 2018 in review report shows that most people did not stick to traditional rides with some opting for the bodaboda rides.

“We saw more than 4.1 million miles ridden on jump bikes and scooters,” reads the report in part.

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While Mombasa takes the most sleepless city in Africa, Cape Town took the most forgetful city title.

“We’d like to give Cape Town a trophy for forgetting the most items in their ride in 2018,” read the report.

USA, Brazil and India had the most Uber riders.