Kikuyu elders urge leaders to shun 2022 politics

The Gikuyu elders when they addressed journalists in Nairobi PHOTO MICHAEL MBUGUA

Nairobi, KENYA:Political leaders drumming for 2022 successions have been urged to shy away from active politics at least for now, and instead focus on developing the country.

Addressing members of the media on Thursday in Nairobi, leaders from Agikuyu group(Kiama kia ma) lead by Kariuki Wa Kabui, said that political leaders have started creating an atmosphere that causes political temperature in the country by campaigning for 2022 instead of acting on implementation of the big four agenda by president Uhuru Kenyatta government.

“While leaders are free to vie for any elective seat, and while as any voter is free to support a candidate of their choice, we implore on all Kenyans to avoid early campaigns for 2022 so as to allow for the implementation of development agenda”, Said Kabui.

The leaders believe that the nation has been plunged into high voltage politics in the turn of the New Year 2019 which unfortunately has come too early after the 2017 protracted general elections.


Mr. Kabui instead implored on all leaders and all Kenyans to respect institutions, particularly the president and the presidency as a symbol of national unity and to create a conducive environment that will enable the president and his deputy discharge their mandates.

“We urge all leaders to embrace ideas and practices that promote the discharge of their mandates as demanded by the constitution and the electorate”. He added.

The leaders, however, failed to give their stand of whom they will support as the president come 2022 and instead said, it is too early to talk over that.