Man tells court he smokes bhang to cure headache

Little rolls of bhang. Makueni residents were forced to inhale bhang after a vehicle ferrying the narcotic burst into flames./COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: A man has admitted to a Mombasa court that he uses marijuana but to cure headaches.

This is after he pleaded guilty of being in possession of marijuana before Magistrate Martin Rabera at the Mombasa law Courts on Wednesday.

Rabera asked him to provide prescription documents from a doctor that would back up his defense for using the substance.

The accused, Austin Muoki also faced a theft charge.

The complainant, Jackson Kimathi accused  the suspect of stealing his wallet containing sh.8,000 and a batch of miraa at his place of work.

At a later date in the same month, Kimathi spotted him at Mama Ngina Drive where he alerted police officers who arrested him.

In defense, the accused explained to the court that he did not steal since he intended to refund the money and that his mother’s outstanding hospital bill was what prompted him to commit the act.

The case will be mentioned on January 5th 2019.