5 reasons why he goes quiet after the first date

A couple on a date. There are things that may turn your partner off during the date./COURTESY

Going for dates and having special moments with that one person you have a crush on, is everyone’s dream, but what if after the special date the guy disappears?

You begin wondering ooh boy! Where did I go wrong? Ladies don’t worry I have got your back.

These are just some of the reasons your date never texted again.

1. You never met his expectations

When a company is looking for an employer, there are those specific qualities they want from their candidates.

And after conducting an interview they will decide whether you have met their expectations or not.

This is not different with men there are those specific things they look for in ladies and if you lack them he will prefer running rather than crushing your self esteem.

This, you may or may not have control of, but do not change yourself for anyone.

2. Different interest

Men are very cunning creatures, just from your talk he will decide what you are, what you like and what you don’t like.

And if your interests don’t rhyme with his then he will also decide that the relationship won’t work.

He will have to cut what he had started before it is too late.

3. You lied about your physical appearance

Ladies! Ladies! How many times did I call you?

Stop catfishing , taking someone else’s photo, someone you consider prettier or better than you, and posing them as yours on social media will not work for you.

You will use the picture, then disappoint your date when you meet for the first time. Not necessarily because your date thinks that the person in the picture is prettier but most certainly for the fact that you were not honest.

It’s like ordering something online, you know how disappointed you get when whatever is delivered doesn’t look anything like what you ordered.

So just be you and let him like you for what and who you really are.

4. You are a waster

So you have agreed to go on a dinner date, the guy tells you to order whatever you want.

So you order chicken, fries, a burger and a whole bunch of other things, after ordering all this you just eat a piece of chicken then say you are full, and to make matters worse, you do not even want it to be packed for take away.

That is being wasteful, and quite a turn off. Unless the food was bad, then you have no excuse.

Think of it this way, if you were the one paying, would you like it if someone did that?

5. You just can’t be

There is that connection that you must have with someone to go to the next step of a relationship.

If there is none then he will just mute.