Duale shelves 2/3 Gender Bill

Female MPs enter parliamentary chambers wearing white head scarves to protest slow implementation of the 2/3rds gender rule in July.Should the rule be passed, its set to cost the taxpayer sh 6 more annually /PHOTO FILE

Nairobi,KENYA: Parliament on Wednesday failed to vote on the 2/3 Gender bill.

Majority leader Aden Duale instead shelved the bill until 2019, saying it needed more lobbying.

The bill needed 233 Mps to pass into law.

Duale who sponsored the bill,  alleged that some Mps failed to show up in parliament for the vote.

He promised to lobby more before the bill is introduced again.

” There are those of us who want to throw the baby with the bath water”, he said.

Nasa principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka followed the session from the public gallery.

Currently in the National Assembly, there are 76 women – 23 elected, 47 woman representatives and six nominated.

This means it falls short by 41 women to make a third which is 117 of the 349 MPs.

In the Senate there are 21 women – three elected members and 19 nominated – bringing the shortfall to 12.

This means that if the top-up was to be done in the current Parliament, 53 more women would be nominated to Parliament.