Nurses threaten to strike in 21 days

Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) National Chairman Joseph Ngwasi, Secretary General Seth Panyako, Deputy Secretary General Maurice Opetu and other Union members address a press conference in the past.Nurses have threatened to strike in 21 days PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Kenya National Union of Nurses KNUN has issued an ultimatum of 21 days to the government to sign and implement a return to work agreement or they call for a national strike.

Through a statement sent to the newsroom on Tuesday, the union demands that the return to work formula dated 2nd November 2017 and signed on the same date be implemented within 21 days from 19 November 2018 or they commence a strike on date 10 of December 2018.

Secretary-General of KNUN Seth Panyako through the statement recalls to have made several attempts by way of correspondences to the ministry of health offices including requesting for a meeting to discuss and ensure that the same is implemented, but nothing tangible has been forthcoming to date.

The union says that they agreed with the two levels of government among other things that; nurses services allowances be implemented in three phases that include; in 2018/19 a nurse to start receiving 23,000 shillings, 2019/20 they get 26,500 and the year 2021/21 they pocket 30,000.

They also demand that they get an increment of 3,000 in the first year, 3,500 the 2nd year and 3,500 in the 3rd year.

“Further note, that if after twenty-one (21) days i.e. on 9th December 2018 and the same shall not be implemented all our members in the county governments and the National Referral Facilities shall commence strike on 10 December 2018,” part of the Statement reads.

They are also demanding that the concluded CBA Document be signed and registered in court within 21 days with proper grading structure and harmonization of salaries for nurses within public service.

The union gave ultimatum after the union’s National Advisory Council meeting held at Tom Mboya Labour College-Kisumu on 16 November 2018, where it was unanimously agreed that strike to commence accordingly if the demands are not met.