Is Diamond considering becoming Kenyan?


Is Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz considering becoming Kenyan?

Well his Bongo counterpart and WCB signee Rayvanny thinks he should, since Kenyans have received Diamond and his music quite well over the years.

According to Rayvanny, in Kenya, Diamond will be able to go on with his career without limitations.

“I would suggest that you look for another citizenship maybe in Kenya because they have shown huge support and love for you and your dreams. According to my perspective, if you get another citizenship it will be easier for you to continue with your movement with no disturbances,” Rayvanny said in an Instagram post.

This comes barely a week after Tanzania banned Diamond and Rayvanny’s new song ‘Mwanza’ from being played in the country, a move Rayvanny termed as suppressing artistic work.

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“In my point of view, banning the song is a way of denying us the privilege of passing the message to our fans. In radios and television I agree because there is no limit of age but in concerts I ask BASATA to think about that,” he stated.

“Our idea was not abusing rather to entertain our youths and teach them on issues that our government has being trying to curb,” he added.

This was not the first time Diamond’s song was being banned in the country due to “vulgar content”, early this year, his songs ‘Hallelujah’ featuring Morgan Heritage and ‘Waka Waka’ featuring American rapper, Rick Ross were banned.


Meanwhile, Tanzanian artist Hamis Mwinjuma commonly known as Mwana FA has come to Wasafi’s support and pleaded with Tanzanian music regulatory board (BASATA) to lighten or better yet scrap off WCB punishment so as to not kill art.

Rayvanny, Diamond and Wasafi recording label were jointly fined Tsh 9 million which is an equivalent to sh.403,197 with the three each required to pay Tsh.3 million equivalent to sh.134,399 each.

Mwana FA urged WCB to issue a written apology to BASATA to have the penalty reduced.

Additional reporting by Dennis Mwangi