Hass consult launches residential properties with sensory botanical gardens

(Left to right) Farhana Hassanali, CEO Hass Consult Limited and Sakina Hassanali, Head of Research and Development, during launch of ENAKI Development on 14th October./Christopher Nyamuta

Nairobi, KENYA: Hass Consult on Wednesday launched Enaki, projects with residential properties which entails lucrative botanical gardens.

Launching the project, Hass consult CEO Farhana Hassanali, said that they opted to switch to this mode of properties following dynamism of lifestyles in the urban areas.

“Technology has moved into our lives in a way that none of us foresaw. Families often all still live in the same home, but fewer of them meet over meals, and less often,” Hassanali said

“Each member of the family will, instead, be constantly engaged alone, usually on their phone, with their own circle, interest groups, and even global clique; or surfing news, or sharing memes, or deep in Instagram,” she added

Hassanali said that they also opted to develop such projects in bid to conserve environment .

“We all spend longer in traffic, we inhale more fumes, we are plugged in close to 24/7 to electronic equipment, and while we are more home-bound than previously, the togetherness within our homes has reduced. Not the same long conversations, fewer communal times,” she said

The CEO pointed that with Enaki, after being given a project that began with a donation of land, set aside for public use as a public park, their mission was to create a township where residents meet.

The project is the first in Africa’s first property markets as it entails sensory botanical gardens.