Commuters stranded as Matatus protest return of Michuki rules

Commuters stranded along Jogoo road. PSVs have been on strike from Sunday to protest the come back of Michuki rules./COURTESY
Nairobi, KENYA: Commuters in some parts of Nairobi were on Monday morning forced to seek other means of transportation after public service vehicles PSVs decided to protest over the come back of the Michuki’s rules.
The protest started on Sunday after police started a crackdown on some of the vehicles.
A spot-check by Baraka FM saw  68 vehicles impounded by the police for not complying with roads safety rule by the National Transport and Safety Authority.
The rule is meant to streamline and bring sanity to our roads and do away with rogue drivers that have cost loss of lives by careless driving according to the National Transport and Safety Authority.
Some of the areas most affected by the matatu protest include; Jogoo road, Thika Road and Mombasa Road.
Commuters were forced to use other means of transport like Bodabodas as the few Matatu available doubled their fare.
The government in a statement  issued a week ago said that, effective Monday, 12th November 2018, any PSV vehicle, drivers, SACCOs/Transport companies, passengers and other relevant parties that fail to comply with the provisions of the NTSA Act and the Traffic Act will be firmly dealt with in accordance with the law.
With the re-introduction of ‘Michuki’ rule, all PSVs will be forced to have a continuous yellow line, (80kmPh) Speed limiters, safety belts (seat belt), while the drivers and conductors will be forced to have uniform, a display photo, as well as badges from  the relevant Saccos they operate in.