Mombasa MCA kicked out of court for being noisy


Mombasa,KENYA:A vocal Mombasa County MCA was on Thursday noon kicked out   of a court room at the Mombasa law courts  for continously making noise.

Airport ward MCA   Ibrahim Omondi was ordered to move out of the court room by a police officer manning  the courtroom.

Dressed in a black trouser, a shirt and a tie Omondi walked out of courtroom carrying a tablet in his hand.

According to witnesses,he was conversing with the person sitted next to him and it’s not clear on the issues they were discussing while the court was in session.

A source told Baraka FM, that Omondi had gone to the court in order to help bail out a friend.

A notice seen inside court room warns people in court against using their mobile phones, chewing gums and reading newspapers while the court is in session.