Publishers disown flawed textbooks circulating online

Publisher led by the Association's chair Lawrence Njagi during a press briefing on Thursday PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Kenya Publishers Association have refuted claims that some of the text books in schools are unfit for pupils and students .

In  a media briefing in Nairobi on Thursday, the Association’s chair Lawrence Njagi said that the processes of publishing  books is thorough thus terming such allegations as incorrect .

He said that four books that circulated in the media and social media is misconception which should not be dragged to young minds as perceived by adults.

He said that stakeholders in the publishing industry have attained the 95 percent threshold required in the sector.

He said other books which people allege that are unfit for school pupils were  not published in the country as alleged.

“That is not a correct text book ,it is a fact but that text book is not a Kenyan text book ,is not used in our curriculum it comes from Ghana .It has nothing to do with our curriculum.”Njagi said

He urged Kenyans and parents to be on the look out of such books in our society to avert any form of moral decay.

If there are such cases he said that they will chip in and control such situation ,urging authorities especially on the point of entry to the country  to make sure that such books do not reach Kenya.

This  follows a social media outrage over the circulation of such books which people say  are inappropriate to pupils.