More exhibitors in the 2018 Nairobi International Trade Fair

Agricultural Society of Kenya Batram Muthoka with President Uhuru Kenyatta and other dignitaries during the opening of the 2018 Nairobi International Trade Fair in Nairobi./ Christopher Nyamuta

Nairobi, KENYA: The number of local and international exhibitors who participated in the 2018 Nairobi Trade fair and exhibition has gradually increased compared to last year.

In an exclusive interview with Baraka Fm in Nairobi Agricultural Society of Kenya CEO Batram Muthoka said that in the local front the number of exhibitors were 350 compared to last year’s 298 exhibitors.

In the international front the number of foreign exhibitors stood at 64 from 58 last year.

Muthoka indicated that in the 2018 trade fair the number of show visitors increased by 50 percent while total number of people who visited the trade fair hit 600 ,000.

“The show visitors, the show goers there was quite an improvement, looking at the figures running from Monday to now there is a growth of 50 percent.”said Muthoka

He pointed out that many exhibitors showcases were embedded on technology and innovations that they have been working on, in their respective sectors.

“All sectors competed. finance Agribusiness, we have housing we have manufacturing, there was a lot of competition and they really competed well,” said Muthoka

Muthoka alluded that Base Titanium had triumphed in the best foreign exhibition stand.

The CEO added that the ASK has a master plan of a convention center with a capacity of 6,000 people. The project is expected to be completed by March next year.

Also he indicated that the management has invested heavily on infrastructure especially roads, power, ICT to turn the show ground an all round and standardized facility.

The show has been running from the 1st of October to 7th of October ,2018.

The theme for this year’s trade fair, is ‘Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade’.