Kenyan girl crowned Little Miss World Winner in Greece

Tyra Angel Odeny being crowned at the event in Greece./ COURTESY

Thessalonika, GREECE: 12-year-old Tyra Angel Odeny is the winner of the 18th Little Miss and Mister World 2018 Grand prix held in Greece.

Tyra Angel Odeny was crowned Little Miss World 2018 in Thessalonika, Greece at the 18th International Children’s Festival of Culture, Fashion and Arts.

The 12 year old was awarded a gold crown and sh.58,500 for scooping the main title at the cultural event which had 47 participants drawn from 20 countries.

The winners of the festival were chosen in four age groups: “Tiny Miss/Mister: 4-6 years, Mini Miss/Mister: 7-9 years, Little Miss/Mister: 10-12 years and Teen Miss/Mister: 13-17 years with the theme of the festival being “Smile to the world”

11-year-old Ileana Paula and 9-year-old Dmitriy Kafedjis from Romania and Uzbekistan respectively won Silver crowns in “Little Miss United World International Talent 2018 Silver Prix” and “Little Mister United World International Talent 2018 Silver Prix” respectively.

11-year-old Vietnamese Alexandra Toni Matheson and eleven-year-old Liviu Andrei Lupascu from Romania received silver crowns in the nominations “Little Miss United World Model 2018 Silver Prix” and “Little Mister United World International Model 2018 Silver Prix” while Twelve-year-old Estonian Annalisa Keskula won the nomination “Little Miss Kindness 2018” in the presentation of social projects “Diary of Good Deeds”.

Little Mister and Miss United world was founded in 2000 before it was re-branded in 2016 to include boys in the festivals.

The festival which is held annually aims at strengthening friendly relationships between participants countries acquitting them with culture heritage of the world as it creates a platform for them to showcase their talents making the world better, cleaner and kinder

Delegates from all over the world gather annually for the Festival to strengthen friendly relations between their countries, to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the world, to show their talents and join forces in their efforts to make the world better, cleaner and kinder.