Nairobi ASK show kicks off awaiting president’s opening on Thursday

One of the stands at the Nairobi ASK show PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: The Nairobi international show on Monday kicked off awaiting President Uhuru Kenyatta who is expected to formally open the show on Thursday at Jamhuri Park in Nairobi.

The international Trade fair 2018 in Nairobi whose theme is promoting innovation and Technology in Agriculture and trade, will see various exhibitors from various countries showcasing their products under one roof in order to discuss various products, accessories, and machinery that showcase innovations.

Although Kenya is one of the largest markets in Africa, the show specifically wants to attract traders and importers from other African countries and various international companies were contacted directly and invited to the fair.

Visitors can find in depth and comprehensive information about the latest developments, trends, products, and services in various fields.

There will also be professional visitors initiating conversation with exhibitors and forming business ties where experts and the specialists will share out important information to the keen visitors.

Some of the product groups include; building materials, cars, computers, craft goods, telephone, textiles, plastics products, garments, health products, toys, printers, rubbers products, households appliances, labels, television, machinery stationery packaging etc,Building Materials, Consumer Electronics, Food, Handwork, Health, IT, Packaging, Telecommunications, Textiles etc

On the fairs of these sectors; consumer electronics trade show, food fairs, hardware, and IT Trade fairs, Health Trade fairs and exhibitions, packaging trade shows, telecom trade shows, textile trade fairs fair and exhibition, trade fairs for building materials, trade fairs for handwork etc.