Gedi denies bribing MPs in toilet to shut down sugar report

National Assembly./PHOTO FILE

Wajir county women representative Fatuma Gedi has denied allegations that she bribed members of parliament to shoot down controversial sugar report.

Speaking when she appeared before the Powers and Privileges Committee led by speaker Justin Muturi, Gedi downplayed the allegations made by Kimilili member of parliament Didmus Barasa that she bribed legislators.

Gedi said that she lobbied members of parliament to shoot down the report which she felt was a mere witch hunt of cabinet secretaries including Adan Mohammed who comes from her region.

“I lobbied and persuaded just like other members and I think it is the right for honorable member to either reject or support, I did not agree with recommendation but the issue of bribery was not there,” Gedi said

“This house has CCTV ,has cameras all over I want to challenge honorable Barasa to to bring that evidence,” she added.

She said that the whole issue is being politicized by legislators who have been having divergent interests in the sugar report.

Gedi also accused Kiambu women rep Gathoni Wamuchomba for what she termed as personalized fights against her due to interests both have been having amid contestations of various positions in parliament.

On her part, Wamuchomba told the committee that she heard from various quarters that her colleagues were compromised to shoot down that report.

National Assembly committee on powers and privileges is undertaking probe on bribery to unravel the allegations that has disparaged the National Assembly in the recent past.