New bill proposes death sentence for corruption and economic crimes suspects


Nairobi, KENYA: Participating in graft might just see you face the death penalty in the future.

This is after High Court Advocate, Kelvin Macharia, drafted a bill recommending capital punishment for those convicted of corruption, economic crimes and sabotage, saying that it will help motivate Kenyans to fight the vice.

Speaking during the launch of the bill on Monday, promoter of the bill Michael Njoroge said that such crimes merited lethal punishment.

Njoroge says he has collected 998 signatures in 31 counties so far and is hoping to hit a million signatures by next month to trigger a referendum on the matter.

Njoroge also stated the main purpose of the bill proposal was to create economic stability.

Death Penalty

In 2016 Regina Boisabi, the vice chair of Power of Mercy Advisory Committee (POMAC) traversed across counties collecting public views on corruption with most saying that it should attract the highest punishment.

“Some people are of the view that death and life imprisonment do not serve any good but there are those who still support them for those involved in corruption,” she said.

In Kenya, offences that attract capital punishment include murder, robbery with violence, treason, some military offences and administering an oath purported to bind a person to commit a capital offense.