So, did Vera Sidika abort Otile Brown’s child?

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika PHOTO COURTESY

So did socialite cum business woman Vera Sidika abort musician Otile Brown’s child, and is that the reason why they broke up?

Otile just released a song “Niacheni” a few days ago and in the lyrics, one of the lines say “japo sijui ni kwa nini maana sababu zangu za kuondoka unazijua, tena ni za msingi, tatizo hisia zangu haziheshimiwi. Usijifanye kama hujui tatizo mimba yangu ulioitoa..”

Which loosely translates to “Though I do not know why because you know my main reason for leaving. My feelings were not being respected. Do not pretend that you do not know the problem, you aborted my child.”

This has sparked speculations from Twitter ‘netizens’ with most drawing a conclusion that the woman Otile is talking about in his song is none other that his ex girlfriend Vera Sidika.

The two were in a relationship for around five to six months before breaking it off last month.

In his new song, Otile says he still has a lot to say but he is a person of a few words.

“Tena hauna shukrani, utasemaje sikukupenda we? Nikutumie kwa msingi gani, wakati ulinikuta natesa we?
Nilivyokupenda na shida zako ma, na madhaifu yako ma, nikapigana hata vita vyako ma, nikuridhie”

“You are so ungrateful, how dare you say I never loved you? Used you in what way, when you found me already a star? I loved you with all your problems and your weaknesses, fought your fights for you..” the song continues.

This is not the first time the socialite is accused of abortion, mid last year her then ex Nigerian boyfriend, Yommy Johnson, said he had broken it off with Sidika after he found out that she had aborted his child.

So, who do you think Otile is talking about in his new song?