New twist as Zari advises Hamisa to dump Diamond

Zari, Diamond and Hamisa PHOTO COURTESY

Zari Hassan has come out to advice her arch-enemy Hamisa  Mobetto after Diamond blasted her publicly over witchcraft allegations.

Zari Hassan who is also Diamond’s baby mama took to Instagram to urge Mobetto not to stoop too low for a man who did not respect her.

“Never give anyone the power to ‘choose’ between you and someone else. If they can’t decide, decide for them. Walk tf away and never look back. Go where you’re celebrated. Don’t even explain it to anyone, your journey is yours. NOBODY has to understand it but YOU. Sending nothing but love to you sis in TZ. Now wipe those tears and fix that,” posted Zari on Instagram.

Diamond publicly blasted Hamisa after alleged voice notes of Mobetto consulting the service of a witch doctor to lure Diamond into marrying her surfaced.

“Unapotaka kwenda kwa mganga uniroge mimi, na mamangu na familia yangu, unaonekana wewe haushindwi kumuua hata mamangu kama unawaza eti mimi nikupe nyumba sijui nikupe nini. Voice note zinatambaa tambaa, mimi pia nilitumiwa hiyo voice note. Ninazo halafu unajua unasikia kitu ambacho unajua huyu ni yeye,” said Diamond in an interview with Wasafi TV.

(When you visit a witch doctor to bewitch me, my mother and my family it seems it’s not a hard thing for you to even kill my mother yet you want me to give you a house and other things. Voice notes are now viral as I was even sent one and I can clearly tell it’s you)

However, Hamisa’s management has rubbished off the witchcraft allegations saying Hamisa would not focus on the accusations.

“Hamisa is a very strong person and has been through a lot and this is just among the many issues she has had to persevere and moved on. She knows when to respond and when not to,” Said Beatrice Ndungu her PR manager.

“People will always talk, say this and that and it will never end. This is a passing glance and she is focusing more on business, on her brand,” Ndungu added.

Earlier allegations had surfaced that Diamond’s sister Esma was conducting auditions for someone with a voice similar to that of Mobetto in what was seen as a move to create a scandal ahead of Mobeto’s madam hero video release allegations that Diamond’s sister Esma distanced herself from.

Diamond has been at loggerheads with the socialite’s fans as during a media, interview Diamond had referred to his baby mama Hamisa as side chic and son Dylan as side kid something that did not go well with his female fans.