Khaligraph Jones crossed over to gospel?

Rapper Khaligraph Jones PHOTO COURTESY
A number of secular artists in the secular music industry have in the past drained their pens with the secular ink and switched to writing and singing gospel songs.

Is the OG AKA Khaligraph jones walking this path as well?

Judging from a recent post on his IG account, a lot is left unanswered.

“I have seen it all, I have done it all, Sometimes we all need change, we just need to start afresh and that’s when you reset to default settings and let God lead the way as you begin a new life, Thank you @willy.paul.msafi #Respecttheogs#Testimony1990” read his post.

This post comes barely an hour after Gospel singer Willy Paul took to his Instagram as well to welcome king Khaligraph to ‘his side’.

Hey yoh Mr. OG, welcome to this other side, where life is good and has no regrets.. congratulations Sir. Keep shining.. God is for all man.. @khaligraph_jones wewe ni ule msee.. guys help me welcome Mr. OG to my side.. @khaligraph_jones

Willy Paul was bombarded with questions of ‘which side’ on his post by most of his fans who were confused by the post.

While some chose to poke some fun on ‘the side’being spoken about.