Festival seeking to celebrate Mijikenda culture to go down on Sunday

Mijikenda traditional dancer during a past event.A mijikenda lobby group now wants Kagwe to step aside over the alleged loss of COVID funds PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA:A festival set to promote the Mijikenda culture is set to go down on Sunday at the Karisa Maitha grounds in Kilifi town.

The festival dubbed the Chenda Chenda festival has been organized by the Midzichenda Community Council of Elders Association (Mijiccea) and is set to be an annual event held every 9th of September which has been set aside as the Mijikenda day.

“ Basically the Chenda Chenda festival will bring together all the 9 sub-tribes of the Mijikenda community, There will be a different tent for each of the 9 sub tribes  where the attendees will learn more ” Glory Bojo who is the holder of the 2018 Princess Hando title  and  a youth representative at the Festival told Baraka FM.

This is the first time in more five years that the festival is being held.

Previously the Mijikenda day which is on the 9th of September was commemorated from 2008 to 2012 .

However, the celebrations have not been held for over 5 years due to political disunity and leadership wrangles.

The Festival is also set to honor the sons and daughters from the community who have excelled in the different areas.

The Mijikenda community consists of 216 clans with 9 sub-tribes who include Giryama, Chonyi, Rabai, Ribe, Jibana, Kambe, Kauma, Duruma and Digo .

The Digo subtribes spread all through to the Nothern parts of Tanzania.