Sio uchawi ni bidii, Susumila to Mombasa artistes

A controversial promotional cover to one of Susumila's songs PHOTO COURTESY

High flying Mombasa artiste Susumila Yusuf has distanced himself from black magic allegations that have stuck in his name for the longest time possible.

Speaking in an interview with Baraka FM’s Mnyanzi Kakinda and Jillani Ngala , Susumila said those artists who were accusing him of using black magic to wade off competition in the Coast region were not hardworking enough.

“Here in Mombasa I have not seen any artiste who is challenging me so far, and if I were to use black magic I would only do it for anyone who is challenging me” Susumila said.

“Friends becoming foes is a normal thing and especially when you work with someone who is lazy because you cannot do everything for everyone and when they see you successful they will link you to black magic,” Susumila added.

The Witchcraft allegations first came to light when his friend turned foe turned friend again Chikuzee accused the Taireni hitmaker of being behind three accidents that he had been involved in.

A bitter Chikuzee had also told journalists that Chikuzee had devilish signs including a white chair that no one was allowed to sit on in his house.

Chikuzee accusations were further strengthened by the fact that most artists who had previously worked with the hitmaker like Kigoto and Eskoba were struggling at the time.

However, Susumila further said that most of the struggling artists had themselves to blame.

“ So you want to tell me that I bewitched Kigoto and made him a Mogoka addict?” Susumila posed.

Susumila further dismissed that his high flying hit Taireni was a song he had made to thank black magic over the success in his career.