Motorists to boycott fuel in protest of high charges

Pump prices go down in new fuel prices./COURTESY

You might need to wake up earlier than usual on Monday and Tuesday to get to work on time.

Motorists Association of Kenya has called on all motorists to boycott fuel on Monday and Tuesday and if possible Wednesday to protest the high fuel charges due to the implementation of the 16% petroleum levy.

In a statement, the association expressed their anger towards the Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich, who ordered the new charges to be put in place from 1st September regardless of parliament passing a law to cancel the implementation to 2020.

“We are very sad today to wake up to increased fuel prices regardless of Parliament Law and the Petition the Motorists’ Association presented to CS Treasury and National Assembly,” read the statement.

In addition to boycotting fuel, the association also asked motorists not to go to work in the morning in protest.

“All Wednesday mornings henceforth will be boycott day until a time when we shall get fair fuel prices in Kenya,” the motorists association said.

The Association is also concerned that Energy Regulatory Commission overpriced fuel.

“We have also noted a deliberate miscalculation by ERC aimed at robbing us a further sh. 3.10 translating to a whopping sh. 450 Million daily in their announcement yesterday,” they said.

“The correct calculation should be based on landed cost 57.82 + distribution cost 3.9 + merchants margin 10.89 = 72.61. 72.61×16% = 11.62. How did ERC get 14.71 for VAT? This is pure criminal fixing of prices,” they added.