94% of Kenyans support arrests of corrupt individuals, Infotrak survey reveals

Infographic on Kenyans opinion on arrests of corrupt individuals./PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: 94% of Kenyans support the arrests of individuals linked to corruption, a research conducted by Infotrak pollster in collaboration with Africog has revealed.

In a media briefing in Nairobi, Infotrak chief researcher, Angela Ambitho, said that a majority of Kenyans are in full support of the recent arrests, with only four percent opposing them and two percent don’t know.

In terms of the ongoing demolitions of structures built on riparian land, the survey indicated that 64% are in support of the move, 32% oppose it while four percent of Kenyans don’t know.

The survey indicated that 87% of Kenyans supported the handshake initiative between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga, seven percent opposing it while six percent indicating that they are undecided on the matter.

In the survey, it also emerged that 85% of Kenyans think the handshake initiative was one way of enhancing peace in the country with 13% saying that it will promote economic growth .

46% of those opposing the initiative think that it is not genuine, 34% indicating that it is for selfish benefits with 19% terming it as a way to weaken the oppositions faction.

Ambitho said that 43 percent of Kenyans felt that Kenya is headed in the right direction, while 40% felt that the country is headed to the wrong direction and 15 percent saying that they are undecided on the matter.

The survey was conducted between 20th and 23rd of August 2018, whereby a sample of 26 counties were actively involved in the exercise .