Mombasa artiste Ally B ‘disowned’ by son in bitter fight

Mombasa singer Ali B, The singer has been disowned by his son Bawazir PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa artiste Ally B’s is not in good terms with his son.

This was after his son, artiste  Bawazir Cityboy disowned him live on radio accusing him of trying to suppress his rising music career.

Speaking exclusively to Baraka FM’s Mziki Mzuka show hosted by Captain Lui and Brenda Baraka, Bawazir claimed that Ally B-his dad- contributed more to his struggles than success in the music industry insisting that he could not even settle for a collabo song with his dad

“One early morning you wake up to a message that reads ‘hallo son lets meet at Tempos studio we work on a collabo I have already done my vocals just waiting for you to do your part. From your lovely dad Ally B’ would you go?” posed Captain Lui to Bawazir

“No! I would not go. Let me just be open here. In my life all the struggles I have faced in this music industry is because of Ally B.  He has created bad blood between me and important people in my life…,” narrated an emotional Bawazir.

Ali B’s son Cityboy Bawazir who has accused his father of suppressing his music career PHOTO COURTESY

Bawazir who is a spitting image of his father Ally B, further accused his father asking radio stations and producers not to work with him.

However in the midst of all the drama, Ally  B who spoke to Baraka FM seems to be enjoying Bawazir’s actions.

Mimi kwanza naskia raha sana vile anatembea akinitajataja lakini anafaa aangalie his advisors manaake wao ndio wanampotosha atafute kiki na mimi” ( I am amused that he is walking around mentioning my name. But he is being misadvised to use my fame to make a name for himself) Ally B said.

Ali B further refuted allegations that he had been trying to suppress Bawazir’s music career saying that it was impossible to do that in the music industry.

However, Ally B said he was working to solve the issue with his son.

“ Kwanza nivizuri ata mumeniambia ,Nitamtext mamake nimwambie amuongeleshe ( Thank you for informing me , I will talk to his mother to talk to him )

Ally B has been a prominent artiste in the coast region for long with hits such as Silali feat. Size 8 and Ziki La Nazi feat. Rojo Mo, Bembea among other songs

Bawazir, on the other hand, has produced songs such as bam bam, bad gyal, shuga mummy among others that are receiving good airplays