12 years for wife batterer Daudi Nzomo

Daudi Nzomo at the Makueni Law courts , Nzomo had been sentenced to 12 years over assaulting his wife PHOTO COURTESY

Makueni, KENYA: The Makueni law courts has slapped a 12-year jail sentence to a man caught on camera assaulting his wife.

Daudi Nzomo had been arrested in Kibwezi last week after the DPP called for his arrest following a video of him kicking his wife who was lying on the ground going viral.

Nzomo who was arraigned at the Makueni law courts pleaded guilty to the charges of causing grievous harm to his wife Winfred Mwende.

Makueni senior principal Magistrate James Mwaniki said that Nzomo’s criminal record indicated that he was a violent man and during the hearing, the court heard that the couple often fought with the area chief being called to sort out the matter most of the times.

“The victim revealed that Nzomo assaulted her back in 2013 when she objected to him marrying a second wife,”  Makueni Prosecutor Jennifer Ndeda had told the court.

The prosecutor further revealed that since then, Nzomo had occasionally been beating his two wives.

Nzomo is set to serve 10 years in prison and two years in probation.