Lamu MCA moves to have hotels demanding marriage certificates closed!

Laikipia Women Representative Catherine Waruguru who accused a Kericho Hotel of denying her entry on the basis of lacking a marriage certificate Hongwe MCA wants to table a motion seeking to have all hotels demanding a marriage certificate closed PHOTO COURTESY

Lamu,KENYA:Hongwe ward MCA James Komu is set to table a motion seeking to have any Lamu hotel that demands marriage certificates from customers closed down immediately.

Hongwe is in Mpeketoni division,Lamu West sub county.

Komu expressed disgust at an incident last month where a Kericho hotel refused to accommodate Laikipia Woman rep Catherine Waruguru and her male companion on grounds that they didn’t have a marriage certificate.

Speaking in Lamu town on Wednesday,Komu said such a move was intimidating and embarrassing and shouldn’t be tolerated, encouraged or even copied by any other hotel in the country.

Komu is set to table the motion on Tuesday next week.

He feels hotels should be encouraged to respect all customers and also uphold confidentiality of their clients,whether men or women,married or single.

“We want such a thing to never happen here in Lamu.It was so embarrassing and disgusting.I will be tabling a motion on the matter next week and I am confident it will sail through considering the immense support my proposal had.Hotels must be encouraged to maintain confidentiality and respect,”said Komu.

Komu says any hotel demanding a marriage certificate from customers is plainly bent on causing embarrassment and exposing their privacy in a manner that shouldn’t be tolerated.

He feels its impossible for couples to carry marriage certificates all over and as such its wrong for any entity to demand such.

“You cant carry a marriage certificate around as if it were a National ID card,”he said.

However the MCA’s stand was fiercely opposed by a section of locals who spoke to Baraka FM many of whom feel it is appropriate for hotels and guest houses to start demanding the document so as to deter prostitution and infidelity among married couples.

Johnson Kamau wished that all such premise would insist on demanding for the marriage certificate so that people can learn the essence of faithfulness in marriage.

Kamau says the move will also teach politicians a good lesson since many of them are fond of having illicit escapades in hotels and guest houses.

Granton Hinzano said “We have witnessed grown men engaging in sexual relations with young kids and school children in such premises.Politicians have become sponsors to university girls and they always meet in such places for their escapades.If there is a law that requires one to produce a marriage certificate,then all these ills will definitely stop.