Mystery surrounds ‘death’ of 11th Tsavo Rhino after translocation

KWS Rangers

Mombasa,KENYA:Confusion is brewing over the state of   the only surviving black Rhino  from a disastrous translocation exercise that left 10 Rhinos dead.

As it is right now the state of the endangered animal that had been undergoing treatment after it was attacked by Lions at the park remains unknown with conflicting reports emerging on its state.

On Monday,UK charity Save the Rhinos claimed that the Rhino had succumbed to its injuries at the Tsavo East National park.

“We understand the 11th rhino has died following an attack by lions within Tsavo East.” The Organization said in a statement.

The organization which is demanding full publication of  the report conducted by Dr Dave Zimmerman in regards to the death of the Rhinos accused the KWS of not disclosing the full causes of death.

“From photographs that were published of the translocation operation in the media, it can be seen that the rhinos were being transported in old metal crates that were too large for black rhinos (the rhinos had too much room to move around inside during the journey) and that they were not blindfolded or fitted with ear-muffs for the 6-hour road journey to TENP. We also understand that the rhinos were sedated only with M99 (etorphine), meaning that they would have been fully conscious throughout the move.” The organization said in a statement.

The organization further claims that  two Rhinos died immediately after  the exercise  while 8 died after drinking water with a high salt content.

On the other hand KWS have downplayed the allegations made by Save the Rhinos insisting that the Rhino is  not dead.

Balala risking no confidence vote over ‘Go to hell’ remark

Speaking to Baraka FM , George Nagwala  the  KWS Assistant director  Tsavo Ecosystem claimed that the Rhino was recovering  at the park.

“ The Rhino is dead , it is recuperating well at the park” Geroge Nagwala said.

This comes amidst calls for the Tourism and Wildlife Najib Balala to resign over the disastrous exercise.

On Monday , a section of NASA legislators  led by Saboti MP Caleb Amisi threatened to push for a vote of no confidence against Balala if he fails to resign.

“We implore the president to accept Balala’s resignation without thinking twice .That failure to do so ,we will request parliament to discuss his conduct with a view of passing a vote of no confidence against him.” Caleb told journalists.