Residents warned against encroaching Mangrove forests

Mangroove forest. PHOTO: file

Mombasa, KENYA: Residents neighboring Mangrove forests have been warned against encroaching.

Speaking at the third celebration of the International Day of Mangrove trees, Geoffrey Nyongesa county executive committee in charge of Environment Waste Management and Energy has said the county will roll out a mangrove restoration program.

“We are also going to enforce the county regulations and by law to make sure that people do not encroach on ecosystem,” he added.

Nyongesa has also said they are on the verge to plant more mangrove trees as they meet the governor’s directive of planting 1.5 million trees.

Bosco Juma Director of Big ship Organization who led the celebrations urged residents along the forest to preserve and take care of the forest, adding that awareness programs about the mangrove trees are on course.

“The biggest issue at the coast region is about the reclamation and in marking this day on Saturday we will be planting 1000 mangrove seedlings,” he said.

Juma has also urged the media and all the stakeholders to liaise in creating awareness and advocacy on the mangrove trees.

International day of mangrove trees is celebrated every year on 26th July since the year 2016. The event was held at Mombasa Sports Club.