Roaming cheetah and buffaloes cause tension in Ganze

An African Bufallo,A woman is nursing serious injuries in Voi after a Buffallo attacked her PHOTO FILE

Kilifi,KENYA:Tension is high in Madamani and Mwaeba villages  of Ganze Sub-county after a cheetah  ate five  goats  on Friday and three buffaloes were spotted roaming in Mwaeba on Saturday.

Residents of the areas raised concerns over their lives and that of their livestock, citing laxity from the Kenya Wildlife Services.

On Saturday last week, residents in the company of area Member of Parliament Teddy Mwambire told Baraka Fm that the cheetah was still on the loose and they had not yet identified from which park the cheetah had escaped from.

One of the residents who sought anonymity accused KWS of negligence saying there has been frequent incidences of animals sneaking  from the parks and killing their livestock over the past few months and they were yet to be compensated.

“KWS, is aware about the issue of animals  frequently escaping from their parks and causing damage to our livestock,” he said.

“We have seen not once our livestock killed by these animals but no action is taken to cub this once and for all. Look we have lost five goats and the cheetah is still on the loose. Infact we are living in fear that the cheetah might attack someone.” he added.

In another occasion, three buffaloes were spotted in Mwaeba on Sunday causing tension in the area among residents who feared being attacked.


Residents who spoke to Baraka FM said the buffalos were loitering out and about the area and despite the residents informing KWS, the service had not taken any action.

However the area Mp urged residents to take action against the animals saying the service had failed the contain them in the parks.

“I f they fail  take back the animals,we will hunt down  the animals down for our own safety and that of our livestock,” he told Baraka FM.

Efforts to get a comment from the Kenya Wildlife Services proved futile.