Mombasa man threatens to divorce wife over umbrella


Mombasa,KENYA:A man in Mikindani, Mombasa, caused a scene by chasing his wife with a metal rod and threatening to divorce her after he found out that she had lent a neighbor his umbrella.

It all started when the angry man got back home just to realize that the umbrella was missing from the strategic place where he usually keeps it.

All hell broke loose when the wife said she had lent it to the neighbor since it was raining.

The man, who was fuming mad, started shouting at his wife threatening to beat her up then divorce her for helping the neighbor with his umbrella despite his previous warning for her to never lend anything in the house.

“You do not have authority to dish my properties to neighbours. Nobody helped me to buy them. I do not want anybody to borrow things from my house,” he thundered.

The scared wife dashed out of the house screaming on top of her voice, attracting neighbours and passersby alike.

“Today I will kill you and tell your parents to come for your body,” he was heard shouting, while chasing after the wife with a metal rod on his hand.

The man, who neighbours described as petty, left his wife and a 5 year old out in the cold despite the bad weather.

“He is a very possessive and abusive man. His wife is not allowed to go to the shop without his permission and if she does, he berates her in public,” said a concerned neighbor.

He only allowed the wife and child back into the house out of embarrassment after the neighbor who borrowed the umbrella apologized and begged on behalf of the wife.