Honda ace 110 motorbike launches in Kenya

The brand of Honda 110 motorbike which was launched PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Motor cycle assemble company Honda Kenya has finally  launched its revolutionary motor cycle brand dubbed HONDA Ace 110 in Kenya months after it launched in Nigeria.

Speaking during the launch of the motorbike in Nairobi, Honda chairman Dr. Isaack Kalua said that launch of the brand is a very important aspect in its operations thus will enhance  training of  their riders as well as help in maintaining their motor bikes through maintenance clinics  which will be conducted regularly.

Honda which commands 30 percent market share world wide of the motor cycle industry, started with three dealerships in the country but now the number stands at fifty dealerships with over 40 thousands bikes sold since the year 2013.

 “HONDA Kenya was established in the year 2013. It began with three dealerships in the country but now the number stands at fifty dealerships. With over 40 thousand bikes sold since 2013,” Said Kalau.

Kalua also urged the government to ease some of the regulations that hinders production of spare parts for motor bikes as a way of creating more job opportunities for the youths.

,”A bike has 300 spare parts and as per now we only produce 6 parts, by us producing more parts it will mean more employment opportunities for the youth.” He added.

Principal secretary in the ministry of industrialization gracing the event urged the assemblers to import spare parts and develop local capacity in assembling in order to execute the big four agenda and increase collection of revenue .