Diamond’s family starts warming up to Hamisa’s son

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz PHOTO COURTESY


Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz  has addressed the rumors that he has been discriminating against his son Dylan who he sired with video vixen Hamisa Mobetto.

The singer who is currently away on a trip to the US through a post  on instagram denied that  he was preffering his other children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan whom he sired with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan over Dylan whom he sired with Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond further explained that Dylan did not get to feature Dylan in a video of his kids  as his official photographer did not have a recent video of him spending time with son.


“This is my Kid…and he will forever be my Kid, tena My Beloved Kid….Hakuweza kuwepo kwenye clip iliyopita sababu @lukambaofficial Hakuwa na clip ya mimi na yeye ya Hivi karibuni…na si Vinginevyo……” Diamond wrote.

Diamond further warned  a section of his fans who have created teams based on their allegiance to any of his girlfriends to keep off  commenting nasty issues about his children.

“Halaf cha kuongeza, msiniletee Uteam wenu kwa Watoto zangu! they are all my Kids, Nawapenda na siwezi mtenga wala kumbagua yoyote…..?? @deedaylan ???” Diamond added.

Diamonds remarks come just a few weeks after her sister Esma Platnumz confessed missing Mobetto’s son saying she loved  him despite everything.

This comes amidst drama that has pitted Diamonds family against Mobetto leaving the singer in the middle.

In May, Tanzanian media outlets reported that the singer’s mother had beaten Hamisa and tore her wig after she found her in Diamonds Madale home.

Her mother would later tell Tanzania’s clouds fm that she did not like Mobetto as she was a pathetic cook and cleaner statements that were later echoed by the singers sister Esma.

The singers family is always seen warming up to Diamonds other kids whom he sired with Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan.

This has left fans saying that the family prefers Zari’s kids to Mobetto’s son.