Crackdown launched on foreign newspapers wrapping food in Kilifi


Kilifi, KENYA: National Environment Management Authority NEMA has launched an investigation over the emergence of foreign used newspapers being used to rap foodstuff in Kilifi County.

It is said the newspapers have emerged following the ban of plastic bags in the country.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Tuesday, Kilifi NEMA county director Samuel Lopokoiyit said there have been complaints made to him over the use of the dangerous material used in packaging of commodities such as meat and fish.

He said by law it’s illegal to bring into the country foreign waste and that the used newspapers are not allowed in Kenya.

“We have gotten some complaints and we have rolled out an investigation to establish which country they come from. My appeal to the residents and all Kenyans at large is that they should take great concern of their own health, these newspapers are not safe for your health. Make sure you carry your own container in case you want to buy meat or fish. And for the vendors please use the aluminum paper. It’s even safer,” he said.

According to health experts, it is not recommended to use such materials for foodstuff because they are not clean at all.

Erick Maitha, a public health officer at the Kilifi County hospital said they have been sensitizing the people to use other measures instead of used newspapers be it from Kenya or abroad.

“It’s not recommended and we have been sensitizing the public of Kilifi to refrain from it. These newspapers contain a lot of dust and the ink in them is bad for human health,” Maitha said.