Kisumu woman imprisoned for 15 years for defiling 16-year-old boy


Kisumu, KENYA: Judith Wandera, a woman from Kisumu has been found guilty of defiling a minor and has been sentenced to 15 years in jail by a court in Kisumu.

24-year old Judith Wandera, who admitted to have slept with the minor had earlier defended herself before the court saying that the minor had dreadlocks when they met and to her he didn’t look like a minor.

The minor  who is 16yrs, had dropped out of school and moved in with Wandera for more than four months before she was arrested.

Wandera who claimed the minor was a drug addict, had told the court they had met at a drinking den where the minor had even offered to foot the bills before they exchanged contacts as their illicit affair grew.

Principal Magistrate Joan Wambilyanga dismissed the argument, saying according to sexual offences act, she should have shown the steps she took to establish the age of her ‘lover’.

“There was no evidence the complainant lied about his age and the accused’s defense was disregarded based on her failure to prove what steps she took to establish whether the boy was underage,” said Ms Wambilyanga.

According to the prosecutor Nyakundi Mukaya, medical evidence from specimens collected from the two confirmed that the woman and the schoolboy were having an intimate affair.

He added that the boy had been living with the accused for more than four months and that as a result of the affair, the minor dropped out of school and moved in with the accused before the boy was rescued by police officers.