Timmy Tdat in trouble over MP’s daughter set to feature in his video


Controversial musician Timmy Tdat was set to release a video this week but the release of the video is experiencing delays.

The cause of delay has emerged that one of the video vixen in the video is a daughter to a prominent Central Member of Parliament who is not comfortable with his daughter starring in the video.

“Kuna video ilikua inafaa itoke. Mimi sikujua ni mtoi wa MP. Mimi nililipa modelling agency. Ndio nikasikia kuna mtoi fulani wa MP ametumika ikakua tricky kuitoa.” Timmy Tdat admitted on a phone conversation with Mpasho.

The MP’s daughter, who is a law student was sourced through an agency and Timmy has admitted not to have any clue as to who the father of the daughter was.

Timmy has maintained that he will still go ahead and release the video since he has invested much time and money on the same, however he has said that he can have the video edited to crop out the said girl only if the MP can compensate him in double for the time and money spent on the same.

Efforts to convince the MP bore no fruits as the MP maintained that the appearance of the daughter in video will damage his reputation.

Tulibonga na MP alidai si picha poa kwa mtoi wake kufanya video kama hizo. Team yangu ilitry kubonga nayeye imwambie hii ni kazi but yeye akaona huyo ni mtoi amesoma law ame-invest pesa mob sana kwake,” Timmy stated.