Elizabeth Lulu Michael to clean government offices for 18 months

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian Actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael who had her 2 year sentence reduced to a non custodial sentence will now clean offices,Tanzanian authorities have said.

Lulu who was released from prison on Saturday last week is set to clean ministry offices in the Tanzanian capital Dares Salaam for four hours on weekdays according to the head of probation and community service in Tanzania Charles Nsanze.

Atapumzika siku za Jumamosi na Jumapili au siku za sikukuu, hatakuwa peke yake kwa kuwa tayari hapa wapo wafungwa wengine tisa wanaofanya kazi za usafi wa mazingira”.

(She will rest on weekends and public holidays and she is joining 9 other convicts who have been cleaning those offices) Charles Nsanze told Tanzania’s the Citizen newspaper.

Lulu is set to clean the ministry of home affairs offices that are located in posta area of the Tanzanian capital Dares Salaam.

According to Nsanze Lulu is set to be cleaning the offices for four hours everyday.

Lulu had served 6 months of her two year sentence before it was reduced to a non custodial sentence.

Lulu was jailed in November after the court found her guilty of killing without intent  legendary actor Steven Kanumba.