Woman in court over alleged defiling of a 14 year old boy


Kisumu,KENYA:Judith Wandera a 24 year old woman in Kisumu found herself on the court dock after being accused of defiling a 14 year old boy.

Test results conducted on the woman and the boy indicated that they have been having an intimate affair with the boy who until now has dropped out of school as a result of the affair.

Standing before a Kisumu court Wandera said that she didn’t know the boy was a minor and as he was a drug addict when they meet.

“We met at a drinking joint one evening of April 2016 in Kondele where he even offered to buy me drinks. We exchanged phone contacts and started dating,” she said.

Wandera maintained that the boy didn’t look like a minor to her as he told her he was a bodaboda rider with the dreadlocks and only looked younger when he came to testify on docks with his dreadlocks shaved.

“The boy had dreadlocks when we met, but after being taken to juvenile prison where he was shaven, I was surprised to see how young he looked when he came to testify, Wandera added.

The schoolboy, Nyakundi Mukaya, has been living with the accused for more than four months. In her defense the accused said that she moved in with the boy after he claimed that his parents kicked him out over being lazy.

After being rescued by police in July 2017, the boy was taken to a correctional facility before being allowed to go back to his parents.

The ruling is set to be delivered on 23rd May.