Wema Sepetu receives backlash after showing support for Magufuli’s internet laws

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu, Wema has unveiled a new man. PHOTO COURTESY

Wema Sepetu has received hostile responses from a section of Tanzanians after condemning the planned demonstration aimed at protesting against the new internet regulations by President Magufuli government.

The new regulations will see all bloggers pay an annual fee and register before they publishing any material.

Those who desire to have an online blog will have to pay a fee of Tsh9300 giving the authorities unprecedented control over the internet.

Among others to be affected by the new regulation will include online radio stations, online streaming platforms, online forums, social media users and internet cafes.Wema Sepetu’s post, who is a member of President Mafuguli Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), has attracted more than 10000 comments.

Her post read, “Kuwa Mzalendo!! Epuka Maandamano, Tanzania haiongozwi kwa maneno yamitandao ya kijamii”

The hate she received from Tanzanians who defined that as betrayal prompted her to react back maintaining that she is still the queen.

Mi nawapenda tu… Mi ndo Sweetheart bana… Mpende msipende ndo nshakuwa sasa…Jipatie WSLM now kwa kupiga simu namba 0655520404…Ila ndo hivyo, Nshakuwa Sweetheart… Sasa wewe Seeeeeeeemaaa, Pooooooooooondaaaaaa… Ila Tz Sweetheart ndo Mie…sema mnazungumziaje Moto…. Kuchomana Moto vepee…??Ila nyie watu nyie… Mnajua kuchoma mtu moto ni process eeh….. Leo mmenipa mpya…Ntapambana na Moto wenu… Naahidi, Ntapambana nao….Ngoja nirudie… NAWAPENDA tu… Nyie Wangu TU… Ila sio kwa Moto wenu… Gnyt World.” Reacted Wema Sepetu.