Harmonize explains why he never shook hands with Ali Kiba during funeral

Harmonize and Ali Kiba during the Late Masogange's funeral. PHOTO: COURTESY.

After many fans took to social media to criticize Wasafi Classic Beiby’s (WCB) Harmonize for ignoring Ali Kiba during Masogange funeral, Harmonize has finally revealed why he chose to ignore Kiba.

Harmonize and Ali Kiba sat next to each other during the ceremony but never at any time shook hands despite Harmonize reaching out to other artistes on his right and left ignoring King Kiba all along.

Harmonize however on Tuesday responded to a fan who asked to know the reason why he ignored Ali Kiba yet he was seated right next to him, saying that Diamond Platnumz his own boss reached out to Ali Kiba to greet him but he was only given the back of his hand in return and he would not dare to face same humiliation.

“sasa kaka angu kama #Simba na Usimba wake wote kamsalimia kamgeuzia kiganja ningejipeleka mimi si angenipa kisigino cha pale….? Hebu wacheni kunichonganisha na King wa Bongo bana …” he wrote on Instagram.

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