These are the conditions you have to meet before I have your baby! declares Akothee


Flamboyant singer and businesswoman Akothee, known to her fans as Madam Boss has laid down terms and conditions that any man who wants to sire a baby with her must meet.

The ‘Oyoyo’ hitmaker took to Instagram and shared a post where she said that the man to father her next baby must meet certain conditions.

The father must sign a ‘pre-pregnancy contract’ and several bank accounts to ensure the child’s future is brighter than that of the previous children.

Akothee insists that if the conditions are not met, the man can go and sire children out elsewhere or better even adopt one.

Hmmm vile wanaume walinizalisha na kuniacha hoi! Wakati Huu nikibeba mimba ni mpaka contract !kwanza tuweke account ya mimba !iiitwe pregnant account , post natal account , school fee account, holiday account , upkeep account ! Bila hizi Sheria kutimizwa! Nenda uzae njee au ununue mtoto!hamtubebi ujingareee ?????angalia fridge pale nyuma! Sasa nikule watoto ama? Na ndio nimetoka hospitali na mtoto mgeni ?? baba na lawyer wako wapi?” Posted Akothee

This comes after a week when she explained during a radio show that she was involved in a heated court battle with one of her baby daddies.

Akothee has said that she has come up with this conditions following her past experiences and the struggle of raising children while still concentrating on her career and businesses.