Video:Otile Brown and Vera Sidika spark dating rumors after getting cozy

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika PHOTO COURTESY

Singer Otile Brown and Socialite Vera Sidika have sparked rumors that they could be an item.

This was after the two posted several videos of themselves in their Insta stories where they are seen getting cozy with each other.

The rumors began when both of them went on a date over the weekend and Otile shared the photos captioning the BFF an acronym for best friends forever.

Later, Otile shared a video of himself cuddling on Vera’s bosom with Vera seductively asking him if he was sleepy to which he responded by putting his head on her bosom.

Another video shared by Otile showed a shirtless Otile cuddling with Vera who is clad in what looked like Pyjamas.

However, the two celebrities have continued to maintain that they are nothing more than best of friends but a section of their fans seem to think otherwise with an Instagram user Joesi Jei commenting

“Finally Vee amerudi kwa vijana wa Nyumbani welcome back,” Josei Jay wrote.

However, Otile is well known to use publicity stunts to market his upcoming projects just like he did with his collabo which he featured Sanaipei Tande or his alleged fight with his best friend Timmy Tdat which was after all a hype for an upcoming song.