Soko Ugali maker launches new high-end maize flour

The company’s CEO Rajan Shah during the launch together with models displaying the new product. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Capwell Company a manufacturer of Soko maize flour has launched new premium maize flour in the market called “AMAIZE”.

In a media briefing during the launch of the product in Nairobi, the company’s CEO Rajan Shah, said that the initiative behind the launch of the new product was prompted by the need to improve quality ingredients of their products in a bid to fit the Kenyan market.

Shah said that the underlying factors of the new product encompass the research conducted on Kenyans which indicated that two-thirds of Kenyans eat same meals continuously following the fact that the staple food of Kenyans is Ugali.

“Our aim with this product launch is to increase the pleasure, and improve the nutrition as well, in a Kenyan market that is becoming more sophisticated,” Shah said.

He said the new high-end maize flour in the market, takes lesser time in preparing and that it targets the growing middle-class.

Shah added that there is need to be dynamic in the manufacturing of Kenyan staple food products to avert incidences of steadily less appetizing.

Amaize flour, which sells at Sh142 for a two-kilogram packet, is set to bring stiff competition to Unga Group’s premium flour Hostess.

Both companies also make other cheap flours that mainly target low-income earners. Unga makes Jogoo that is currently selling at Sh109 for a two-kilo packet while Capwell’s Soko is retailing at Sh108.

The initiative comes against the backdrop of studies over many years that have found that constantly eating the same meals decreases the pleasure in eating and reduces both appetite and weight.