Faulu Faida bank open’s Ukunda branch

Appolo Njoroge MD Faulu Faida bank during the launch. PHOTO: LAWRENCE SITA.

Kwale, KENYA:Kenya Faulu Faida bank is set to open up its new services in parts of the country based on agency banking.

During the official launch of Ukunda branch in Kwale County Appolo Njoroge, the bank’s managing director said the bank has already registered 84 agents who will be in various parts of the Country.

Faulu bank has 43 branches in the country and is now planning to expand its services into the interior.

“We are asking Kenyans to come and bank with us so that we can steer the countries development,” he said.

Njoroge encouraged smaller medium enterprises, retail customers and employed people to seek for loans with the bank.

“We have started a branch in Ukunda as we have many investments sectors here but we will spread our agents to other parts of the county,” he said.

He also said that faulu bank is targeting small enterprise operators as well as players in the tourism and agricultural sector and civil servants who wish to apply for loans to invest.

“We now have a lot of savings and can offer good loans to those willing to invest,” he said.

Kwale County executive for Trade and Tourism Ramadhan Bungale welcomed the move as he said Kwale is a business hub as the county government promotes peaceful coexistence between locals and investors.

“We will work with the bank by offering investment training to the locals before they ask for loans. That is the relation we want to have between the County government and the bank,” said Bungale.

This comes at a time that the county government has set aside funds to support locals in empowering themselves.