Police arrest woman in Kilifi suspected to be a terrorist


Kilifi, KENYA: Police in Kilifi County have arrested a woman suspected to be a terrorist in Kilifi town.

The woman was spotted wandering along a road near three nearby banks at around 12 noon on Wednesday while making some endless calls to people best known to her.

According to people who witnessed the incident, after making a long call, the woman went straight to one of the banks and forced herself in without being frisked by the security personnel at the door.

Reports indicate that there was some fracas as the security officers at the door tried to deny her access, something that forced police officers on duty at the bank to intervene.

Speaking to the press in his office after the incident, Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Mutundika said the officers arrested her after noticing something fishy with her.

“Yeah, there is a woman we are holding on here who has been arrested by my officers at one of the nearby banks in town today,” Mutundika said.

“The woman was dressed in Buibui and totally covered her face and is said to have declined to be inspected by the security officers of the bank and when my officers intervened they noticed something fishy with her, that’s why they arrested her,” he added.

The Commissioner added that after inspection at the Kilifi police station, she was found in possession of travel documents of three different people.

He said she possessed a passport from America which never belonged to her.

“The women has been found with passports of three different people,” Mundaka said.

“This is one of the reasons why we arrested her and we have already started investigations to establish her origin and mission in Kilifi,” he added.

This comes some months after a man was arrested by police at the Karisa Maitha Sports ground after being suspected to be a terrorist as he was dressed in buibui and had covered his face totally.