NASA unveils document validating Raila’s win during Aug 8th polls

Raila Odinga. PHOTO: FILE.

Nairobi, KENYA: National Super Alliance, (NASA) has released a report which they claim validates the win of Raila Odinga on August 8 as the validly elected 5th president of the Republic of Kenya.

The report which was released on Friday in Nairobi shows that Raila Odinga got 8.1M votes which translate to 50.24% against Uhuru Kenyatta who attained 7.9 Man equivalent of 48.92%.

According to NASA lawyer who is also Siaya Senator James Orengo, the document is authentic and contains details of all polling stations which reflect what is on the server.

“If the IEBC had the courage to open the servers, the results would be consistent with what is contained in our document.” Said Orengo.

Orengo added that they will not be afraid to give Kenyans their sovereignty right by swearing in their leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday 30th.

Speaking in the same event while analyzing the document, head of NASA Technical team Mr. Geoffrey Otsosi said that IEBC infrastructure was interfered with at some point and the results that were displayed at the IEBC Portal was not genuine.

“After they have done their fraud, they then display data in the portal but the variance between the data in the evidence and what IEBC showed to Kenyans was quite different.” Said Otsosi.

Otsosi further said that, out of 47 counties, Raila won in 26 counties plus 2 special one i.e. Prison and Diaspora which makes it 28 counties, while Uhuru Kenyatta, got votes from 21 counties, which is a clear indication that the opposition won.

The electoral agency declared President Uhuru Kenyatta winner on August 8 with 8,203,290 votes against Raila’s 6,762,224.