School Principals urged to admit needy students without school fees


Tana River,KENYA:Principals in Tana River County have been encouraged to admit needy students without school fees.

Speaking to Baraka Fm on Thursday,the sub county education head Mr. Abdul-Aziz Nuh  urged the principals in area to admit students with or without school fees as the school fee issue would easily be resolved once the students were in school.

According to him, lack of fees has become the reason of most parents keeping their children at home .
Mr. Abdul-Aziz Nuh said they were going round in schools to make sure the “Operation Rudisha Mtoto Shule” launched yesterday by the acting Education C.S Dr. Fred Matiang’i is well implemented on the ground.

“We are moving to every school in our county and have encouraged the Principals of the individual schools to spread the same gospel in the local radio stations which are ready to provide free airtime for all of them,” Mr. Nuh said.

He however said the initiative had not taken much effect as at today, for most of the parents were not informed of the new changes and needed to be reached by every means.

“This initiative was only launched yesterday and as you know this area is so marginalized that information from far places reach the people here two or three days later. So we have a lot to do and that is why we are going to depend on our radio stations,” he said.

Mr. Nuh affirmed to involve chiefs and sub chiefs in the campaign in order to come up with a plan on how to disseminate the information and enforce the initiative in the vast interior areas of the county.

However, as per now the enrollment has so far improved , with Tana Delta sub-county so far recording a better improvement in their enrollment from 26% to 31% of the total number of 1576 expected to be enrolled in the schools.

Mau Mau Memorial deputy principal said the enrolment has started to pick up, though at a slower pace.
The school (Mau Mau) so far has added five students out of the 144 that had been called to join the school, making the total number of students who are to join the school total to seven, while 20 others sought a chance to join the school.

The total number of students enrolled in the county has so far risen to 1,175 from 931 out of the 4197 expected to join the schools in the county.